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Ashes in space

Space Options for Ashes

Imagine a perpetual view of the brilliant earth for all eternity. Interest in space burials is increasing, and so are the opportunities.

$1,500 - $7,500

Beyond Burials is a new entrant to the field. They offer exciting opportunities to place a small amount of cremains onto the moon surface, into the great beyond, or into an orbit around the earth for months or years. They are the lowest cost provider of space burial services into low earth orbit and beyond.

$2,495 - $15,000

Celestis Memorial Spaceflight is the oldest and most experienced company offering space burials and space experiences. Options include launching remains to the lunar surface, into permanent orbit around the Earth or into a lower orbit which will then re-enter the atmosphere.

$1,500 - $6,500

Aura Flights takes a different approach. They use high-altitude balloons to carry the full complement of ashes into near-space where they are scattered to travel around the earth. Most customers opt for their $6,500 comprehensive service which also includes a unique memorial video documenting the release of the ashes high in the atmosphere.

$739,000 - $14,500,000

Elaníf offers high-end customized space burials. It is the most exclusive (and thereby expensive) space burial provider offering concierge-level aftercare finales. Elaníf sends larger amounts of ashes or remains on exclusive space journeys. Prices start at $739K. Average pricing is $1.45M.


Curious about other Options for Ashes?

We know - it's not an easy decision. We believe endings should be special and filled with respect for a life well lived. We work with the best providers to bring you the leading options available. We can also provide advice on space burials - just send us a note in the Contact Us form. Or contact the companies directly to seek their advice. 

Is a space journey right for me or my loved one?

How Much Does a Space Burial Cost?

$7,500 average cost

A Space Burial costs on average $7,500.

Prices start at $1,500. One company focuses on the very high-end and charges much more. 

What Happens In a Space Burial?

The most popular space funeral is where ashes are sent to space where they orbit the Earth for months (or years!). The Earth's gravity eventually pulls the remains into the upper atmosphere, and the ashes vaporize like a shooting star.  

This is the most common space burial option available and most people who have honored their loved one in space choose this option. It is a journey filled with excitement - from the rocket launch to the ability to track where your loved one’s ashes are in the sky, to them becoming a literal shooting star as they re-enter the atmosphere.

There are Four Typical Space Burial Options:

Ashes are launched into space and then returned to earth

Ashes are launched into space where they remain for a period of time and then re-enter earth’s atmosphere, vaporizing like a shooting star.

Ashes are launched to the surface of the moon on a lunar lander. 

Cremated remains are shot out of Earth's orbit into deep space!


Star Trek's Gene Roddenberry and James Doohan chose space burial. You can too!

Learn More About Space Burials

In a space burial, ashes are placed into an individual cylinder for the journey. Sending ashes into space is the most exciting journey possible! You'll love being able to track the location of your loved one's ashes as they orbit around the Earth. 

Custom options are available as well. Please Contact us or any of our partner companies to discuss custom space desires. 

Curious about other Options for Ashes?

We work with the best providers to bring you the leading options available. 

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