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Cremation jewelry

Cremation Glass Options

Have a portion of your loved one's cremated remains incorporated into a beautiful and unique glass sculpture.

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$300 - $500

Have your loved one’s ashes embedded into a beautiful glass design. The glass is hand blown with a small amount of ashes placed in a swirled pattern inside. Truly a beautiful memorialization. The artisans at Memory Glass, located in California, will create a beautiful glass memorial using a small portion of your loved one's remains. 

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We know - it's not an easy decision. We believe endings should be special and filled with respect for a life well lived.  We work with the best providers to bring you the leading options available.

Is cremation glass the right option for my loved one's remains?

What Does It Cost to Turn Ashes Into Glass?

$115 average cost

Prices range from $65 - $1,200

How Cremation Glass Art Works 

First, you'll mail in a small portion of your loved one's cremation ashes by using the company's collection kit. Then the artisan will add the cremation ashes to molten glass during the glass-making process.


The result is a unique and beautiful piece of memorial art. Others won't know what makes the artwork they are looking at so special - unless you tell them what it is. It creates a stunning way to remember a lost loved one.

Things to Know About Cremation Glass Art

Only a small amount of cremation ash is used to create the artwork.

The biggest sellers tend to be round orbs. They come in different sizes and have a little cremains ashes permanently combined into the glass. 

Families often have multiple pieces of glass art created to distribute among family members and close friends. 

Artists generally provide discounts for families purchasing multiple pieces.

Round glass orbs often come in sizes from 1" to 4" diameters. The larger sizes weigh around 1.5 lbs. 

The Final Word

While the artwork is truly beautiful, some might not wish to place ashes into the collection kits. If that is the case, you might ask your local funeral home or crematory to do so for you. 

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