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Memorial stones

Stones Options

Ashes are awkward to store and share among family members. Parting Stone, based in New Mexico, developed an ingenious solution to the inelegance of ashes. They turn ashes into stones.


The stones are aesthetically pleasing and are easily shared with family and friends. Plus, turning your loved one's cremated remains into stone provides you with a tangible, permanent object to touch and hold - instead of scattering your loved one's remains to the wind.   

Solidified remains for ashes

$295 - $695

Parting Stone, based in New Mexico, has developed a great solution to the awkwardness of ashes. They convert cremated remains into smooth, polished stones. The stones can be divided among family members and close friends, or placed in nature. Of course, you can also keep the stones near you, just as you would an urn. Parting Stone will also help you memorialize a beloved pet. 

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We know - it's not an easy decision. We believe endings should be special and filled with respect for a life well lived.  We work with the best providers to bring you the leading options available.

Is converting ashes into stones
right for my loved one?

What Does it Cost to Turn Ashes Into Stones?

$695 average cost

$695 for a loved one

$295 - $345 for pets

What are Cremation

Cremation stones, or Solidified Remains as Parting Stone calls them, are solidified remains made from cremation ashes. The cremated remains of a typical adult yield a collection of 40 to 60 stones. These stones can be held in your hand or beautifully displayed.


Cremation stones are much easier to travel with than cremation ashes, and they are easier to divide among family members and close friends.  

Stones are a great solution to the awkwardness of ashes

Stone conversion simplifies the question of what to do with ashes. It is one of the few solutions that use all the ashes or whatever portion you want to convert. 

Stones are great to share among family members

Technically, the stones are not true rocks, but "solidified remains" that resemble stones. 

More About Solidified Cremated Remains

Cremation stones (or, more technically, "solidified remains") are becoming an increasingly popular option for ashes. Discuss other alternatives for your loved one's remains with your local funeral director or contact us for advice. 

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