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About Us 

Options For Ashes is a Public Benefit Corporation. Our mission at Options For Ashes is to provide resources for families who are struggling to decide the best way to honor a deceased loved one. We are passionate about our work because we believe everyone should have a grand finale that celebrates a well-lived life.


We want to be the go-to source for anyone looking for unique options for cremation ashes. We believe in celebrating loved ones. They led their journey. They should have a great finale. 


Who We Are

Options For Ashes is a Public Benefit Corporation. We provide resources to those seeking to honor and remember a lost loved one. We believe in celebrating individuals who have completed their journey.


Everyone should be remembered. Our mission at Options For Ashes is to make that happen. We offer information and support to those approaching the end of their lives and to families of those no longer with us. 

Cremation rates in the U.S. and many other countries have been increasing over the past 40 years. In 1980, the cremation rate was just under 10%. That increased to around 56% in 2020. Industry experts project that the cremation rate in the U.S. will increase to 75% by 2035. 

Since cremation rates are increasing dramatically, more of us find ourselves possessing cremated remains. Many of us are challenged by what we should do with our loved ones' ashes. We also want to honor our loved ones and their memories. Many feel anxiety over the matter, just as we have.  

Most of us do not know what our options are. Our team’s goal at Options For Ashes is to provide readers with a comprehensive list of options along with helpful information. 

Our Vision

Whatever you choose to do for your loved one’s finale, do something.


There are too many boxes and urns of cremated remains sitting on garage shelves and in coat closets. There are too many stories of ashes winding up in an undignified place because they were spilled, thrown away, or simply forgotten. There are too many times that cremated remains are scattered under disrespectful circumstances. 


You have many options for cremation ashes. Decide the best way to honor your loved one, perhaps by using a product or service one of our partners provides. There are also many wonderful options on how to handle your beloved pet’s cremated remains. 


We at Options for Ashes are honored to be a part of your decision-making process. We hope that our content will help you select the perfect way to remember and honor a life well-lived. 

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How We Make Money 

All or some of the products and services listed may compensate Options for Ashes if you purchase a product or service. This helps keep Options for Ashes free for you. We only list products and services we believe readers might be interested in and which we would use ourselves.

It's important to note that clicking on a link within Options For Ashes does not cost the consumer anything. Any commission is paid from the seller's margin, often as a marketing expense.

In full transparency and in compliance with FTC guidelines, we want to further inform you of the following:

Affiliate Links

In many cases Options For Ashes links are affiliate links, and Options For Ashes may earn a commission from sales of certain items.


At times our reviewers may use an Options For Ashes link in conjunction with a review of a product or service. In some of those cases, the reviewer may have received the product or service for free from the manufacturer or distributor. In such cases, it is possible that receipt of the product for free may affect the objectivity of the reviewer.

Sponsored Content

At times our clients may also use our links with sponsored content - content that was created in some degree for, or on behalf of, a paying party, and that party may be the seller of the product or compensated by the seller for purchases of the product.

Find what's best for your loved one. 

We know - it's not an easy decision. We believe endings should be special and filled with respect for a life well lived.  We work with the best providers to bring you the leading options available. We can also provide advice. 

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