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Woman scattering ashes


You may decide to scatter your loved one's cremated remains in a private ceremony with family and friends. Or some families feel more comfortable seeking the assistance of a professional organization to scatter their loved one's cremains. 

No matter which option is right for your family, Options for Ashes will provide you with all the resources you need to make sure your scattering ceremony honors a life well-lived. 

Below are the two leading companies that will scatter ashes for you. They specialize in scattering ashes in beautiful locations. 

Well Lived.png

Start at $1,590

Imagine the perfect final resting place for your (or a loved one's) cremated remains. Well Lived can make that happen. 


They help navigate laws, regulations and logistics to create beautiful ceremonies in awe-inspiring destinations. 


Destinations include most major US National Parks as well as international destinations. 

Teraloom  v2.png

$450 - $4,000

Teraloom will help you with your loved one's scattering ceremony. They offer three services:

1. Advice for do-it-yourselfers

Teraloom can advise and guide you through the process. 


2. Unaccompanied Memorial Teraloom will scatter your loved one in a location you choose in a professional and highly respectful manner. 

3. Accompanied Memorial

Teraloom will manage the entire scattering process for your family. This minimizes stress in planning and scattering remains. 

Your local cemetery v11 Word large box.jpg

Your Local Cemetery 

Start around $400

Cemeteries often have cremation gardens where you can spread your loved one’s ashes. 


Contact your local cemetery if that is right for you or your loved one.

If you have a need that our partners can't help you with, Contact Us and we will try to help. 

Curious about other scattering ashes ideas?

We know - it's not an easy decision. We believe endings should be special and filled with respect for a life well lived.  We work with the best providers to bring you the leading options available. We can also provide advice. 

Is scattering right for
me and my loved one?

How Much Does It Cost to Scatter Ashes?

$1,500 average cost for someone to support you

Prices range from free (do-it-yourself) to $4,000 for a high-level of support

Do You Need Help Scattering Ashes?

Of course, you can scatter your loved one's ashes for free, but perhaps you wish to have a more distinguished scattering ceremony that honors the life of your loved one. Since many funeral homes don't offer this type of service, consider hiring a professional scattering company to plan and facilitate the scattering of you loved one's cremated remains.

Those who run professional scattering companies are familiar with the laws regarding the dispersal of cremated remains. They also know how to create a dignified event out of what can be an awkward process.

Professional scattering companies can also scatter your loved one's remains in some of the most beautiful locations in the world, such as Yellowstone, Yosemite, and the Grand Canyon (as well as other stunning destinations).

If you would like ashes spread and it is difficult for you to do so yourself, hire a cremation scattering service. Contact one of our partners above for advice and assistance. 

Scattering Locations Offered By Our Partners: 



Grand Canyon

Other National Parks 

Scattering in the Sea

Scattering from the air

If you have a need for an exotic location that our partners can't help you with, Contact Us and we will do our best to help. 

The Final Word

We understand how difficult it is to decide the best option for your loved one's ashes. There are nearly unlimited ways and places to scatter ashes. You can do so yourself or hire professionals to help.


We encourage you to develop a plan for ashes. Often times ashes get passed along to future generations of family members who may not "appreciate" that responsibility. Or cremated remains may even be left behind in moves or relocations. Honoring lives well lived is an important responsibility we accept when we receive our loved ones' ashes. Let's be sure to honor them or have a plan in place to do so whenever the time is right. 

Curious about other ideas for a loved one's ashes?

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