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Sending Ashes Into Space - The Most Exciting Ending a Person Can Have

We live in amazing times. While our grandparents couldn't have even imagined end-of-life options other than cemetery burial or mausoleum entombment, we can literally make arrangements for sending ashes into space. There is nothing more spectacular than a space burial.

Options for Scattering Ashes In Space

There are four main options for space burials:

  1. Cremated remains (or ashes) can be launched into space where they remain for hours, and are then returned to Earth.

  2. Ashes can be launched into space, where they remain for weeks, months or even years. Then, they re-enter the Earth's atmosphere, vaporizing like a shooting star.

  3. Ashes can be launched to the surface of the moon on a lunar lander.

  4. Cremated remains can be shot out of Earth's orbit into deep space.

What Does Space Burial Cost?

The average cost of space burial (or sending ashes into space) is $7,500. However, prices start at $1,500 and go up to over one million dollars.

Ashes in space

Space Burial Companies

While some space burial companies cater to those in the highest income brackets, most offer affordable ways to launch your or your loved one's ashes into space.

Let’s discuss both affordable and high-end space funeral options.

Celestis, Specializing in Sending Ashes into Space

Led by a retired Director of NASA's Kennedy Space Center (who directed more than fifty space shuttle launches!) and retired NASA astronauts, Celestis has completed 17 memorial spaceflights since 1997. Celestis is the most experienced company in the space burial business.

Celestis offers several experiences. The company's entry-level package is called Earth Rise. With this package, a symbolic portion of cremated remains will be launched into space. After experiencing the zero-gravity environment, the individual flight capsules are returned to Earth – creating loud and distinct sonic booms during the re-entry. Finally, the flight capsule with the portion of the cremated remains will be returned to the family. This experience costs $2,495. They send either small amounts of ashes or DNA on their various missions.

Launch Your Ashes into Space with Beyond Burials

Beyond Burials offers four unique space burial experiences at surprisingly affordable prices. If you purchase the entry-level offering, your remains will be launched up to 80 miles through the sky on a powerful rocket. When the rocket reaches a predetermined altitude, it will open, and your remains will be one with the stars.

This ashes into space experience costs $1,500. Check out Beyond Burial's website for more ideas on how to have your ashes launched into space.

Learn More About the Space Burial Process With ​Elaníf

Elaníf is a high-end concierge provider of custom space burials. The company caters to families who want an individualized burial or scattering option, and are less constrained by cost.

Elaníf can place you or your loved one into a permanent orbit around the Earth or the moon. Or perhaps, instead, you would rather go on a planetary voyage or become a shooting star. The average price for Elanif's exclusive customized options is over one million dollars.

Learn More About Space Burials

You or your loved one can literally go out with a bang when you choose one of these space burial options. Don't hesitate to contact us or any of our partner companies to discuss custom space funerals.

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